100 Radio Commercial Scripts that will inspire you and your clients!

funny radio commercials | best radio commercialsThe TOP 100 Radio Commercial Scripts

Download the entire collection . These scripts are funny, impacting and ready to use. All you have to do is drop in the name of your client and get recording.

Creative Directors :: Give your writing staff a book full of inspiration & ideas for every kind of client
Writers :: Make your job easier by using killer, ready-made scripts or just to fuel your own creativity
Sales Team :: Impress clients with Spec Spots IMMEDIATELY
Voice Over Talent :: Produce your demos with Incredible Copy to highlight your talents or practice for future auditions.

This book is Guaranteed to make your life easier. If you’re not happy with your purchase we’ll refund your money.

Want your radio station to produce agency sounding spots? It starts with great copy.

This downloadable book is packed full of top notch radio commercial scripts that will help make any commercial writer into a better writer. We guarantee that even if you don’t use these scripts word for word, you’ll find ideas that fit for your client that will make amazing radio commercials. And the ideas are interchangeable. If you like one concept, but have a great idea for tailoring it to another industry, you’ve just made this book even better.

Each radio commercial script also comes complete with

  • commercial directorSound Effects Suggestions
  • Voice Talent Direction and Character Ideas
  • Recommended Music Beds
  • and more

That’s 100 of the Best Commercial Scripts, hundreds of our suggestions, coupled with your own creative power.
Your writing potential is unlimited!

Give your on air talent and producers a chance to flex their creative muscles.

producer and voice over talentEach scripts is written to maximize that :30 of on air time. Great copy is one thing, but so is timing. If your jocks are constantly trying to cram :38 of copy into :30, it’s no wonder all the spots they voice sound the same. Plus then your producers have no room to add their creative touch. It just Voice and Bed… Voice and Bed…. voice and bed… you get the idea.

The TOP 100 Radio Commerical Scripts are written to allow everyone to expand their creativity so your radio station is known for pumping out some of the best sounding commercials in your market.

Sales Reps – Impress your Clients

If you sell radio advertising, a bank of great radio commercial scripts is like having a nail gun instead of a hammer in your toolbox. Show up at your client’s office with a script ready to go. How many of your competitors are servicing your clients with top of the line spec spots? Why not give yourself the advantage? Better yet, if your creative has time to produce that script into a killer commercial, you’re on your way to a slam dunk.

Continue to count on your creative team to write great spots for your clients. But when you’re in a hurry and need something right now, the TOP 100 COMMERCIALS can take 24 hours out of the process, helping you get out of the gate faster.

This book won’t replace your writers…

It’s simply one of the best collection of radio commercial scripts available today. And again, we guarantee it will provide you with either incredible spots right out of the box, or some of the coolest bits of inspiration for writing your own masterpieces. An like we said before, with our money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose.