The Radio Script Writing Team

Wait a second….. are you sure you want to know these people? Sometimes it’s better to just appreciate someone for their talent rather really get to know them. Think of it as a bad LavaLife hookup. The profile and headshot look good, but when you finally meet in that coffee shop, you see the cat fur on the sweater and whiff a hint of patchouli in the air.

So at this point, you have 2 options…

  1. Just enjoy the scripts and think of them having been written by airbrushed super-models.
  2. Venture forward and watch the veneer peel away. The scripts are no less brilliant, but they will have a hint of morning breath.


Creative Super Genius | Anti-Grooming Expert

radio commercial script writer | Brad shepherdBefore we introduce you to Brad, we should answer the first and most pressing question… No… Sherri Shepherd is not Brad’s Mom. He can’t get you tickets to “The View” or hook you up with Joy Behar. We wish.

Glad that’s out of the way.

Brad is the guiding light behind Radio Commercial Scripts. He’s a master of radio marketing ideas. His ability to see the humor in everything, then take jokes to the next level makes for some wickedly funny commercials. It’s also got him kicked in the groin on more than one occasion.

Brad also hand-crafted this bio to make himself sound way smarter than the rest of us. Truth be told, we all sat around Starbucks one afternoon, talking about business ideas and he was just the lucky bugger who came up with this one first. It was either this or dog saxophones. We’re not sure if the world is ready for “Canine G”. But when they are, we’ve got that one covered, too.

Get to know Brad
Likes: hot out of the oven cornbread             Dislikes: old pillows
Coffee: Caramel Mach – Extra Hot                  Pet’s Names: Ginger and Mary Ann
Favorite Artist: G Love and Special Sauce

Carol Johanson

Radio Marketing Wiz | Master of Steak Rubs & Marinades

The Queen of Commercials ScriptsCarol Johanson is our voice of reason. She can be heard uttering such elegant phrases as, “No one is going to get that joke.”, and “Boys are stupid.” You can thank her that these commercials are what they are. Edited and coherant. We bow and kiss one of her many pairs of shoes.

Carol’s career is mostly about bossing around boys. And let’s face it, boys need a cuff once in a while. Especially if they work in radio. For the last 3 years she’s been the Creative Director for a group of 6 radio stations. Her Communications degree means she’s skilled at talking “Caveman” and can manhandle her way through any retail purchase. If that skirt was on sale anytime in the last 6 months, she’s getting that price. That’s why we also get to her to buy all our office supplies as well as reason with our moms why we won’t be coming home for Christmas this year.

We love you Carol. Please don’t quit.

Get to Know Carol
Likes: Fire Sales                              Dislikes: People using my mug
Coffee: none. I drink tea. Which is why I hate people using my mug, BRAD!
Pet’s Name: Ari Gold                       Favorite Artist: David Gray

Dave Pettitt

Killer Voice Over Talent | Skilled Movie Quote Referencer

voice over talent and radio commercial writer | dave pettittWe tell people that Dave is an exceptional voice talent, to which he is always so humble, but quick to correct, “National, Award Winning Voice Talent…. with much of his work heard across the Eastern Seaboard.”

Sure, Dave is the kind of voice that can make your “Cat Feces Air Freshener” sound like a must have product, but that’s not the real reason we keep him on staff. Dave is our Time Cop. Like Jean Claude Van Damme, he’s a renegade cop who’s come from the future to save his family. But more importantly, he makes sure our scripts aren’t over-written. There’s nothing a voice talent hates more than a :30 script with :36 of copy. He will Kung-Fu-Snap that script in two.

What’s great for us, is Dave is a bit of a website-geek as well, so it’s nice he brings one useful skill to this team. (C’mon… we all have a voice, don’t we?) It’s because of him this site looks cool and you are able to download your products. It also means we are contractually obligated to mention the following links:

Get to Know Dave
Likes: picking and eating fruit right off the tree             Dislikes: Dog Poo Picking
Coffee: Double Double                                 Pet’s Names: Goliath and Indiana
Favorite Artist: Ray Lamontagne