Not to be a jerk, but why would someone listen to your radio commercials?

With all the choices a listener has, when your jocks go to a commercial break, are your radio scripts entertaining enough to hold them through the stopset? There are just too many media options to steal your audience’s attention to let even :30 be wasted. If your scripts stand out (in a bad way) from the national commercials and agency spots, not only could you be hurting your station’s ratings, you could be losing clients.

the best radio commercials can keep you from losing salesYes… I said you could lose clients.

A great radio commercial script can not only land sales and profit for your client, it reinforces their decision to advertise on the radio.A successful campaign can make the difference between that client calling you once in a blue moon or becoming a long-term radio advertiser.
That one piece of paper can make all the difference.

If your radio commercial scripts are consistently creative and  on the money, they will connect with your listeners and result in sales or your client. Inevitably, that will result in more sales for you. Now THAT’S the bottom line.

When you add the TOP 100 Radio Commercial Scripts to your arsenal of tools, you:

  • Can provide out of the box, Grade A commercials for your clients
  • Can spark your own creativity to write your own great scripts or commercial series
  • Will take pressure off your creative and production team
  • Give yourself an advantage over other stations in your market

our guaranteeWe guarantee, you will save the money you spend on this downloadable book, many times over. In fact, more importantly, you can make more money with existing clients or win new clients.

creative radio scriptsEntertaining with Every 30 Seconds

Your listeners have more options than ever when it comes to how and where they get their music, their radio, their media. To put it simply, you have to work harder to compete for their attention. A laugh…. a shock…. some sense of emotion. If your commercial doesn’t  stand above the crowd, why will those listeners care? They’re used to Superbowl ads and the millions of videos on Youtube. You’ve got :30 to make them remember you. What are you going to do with it?

funny radio commercials | best radio commercials

Ask yourself… What are the radio commercials you remember?

I would bet you remember a spot that either made you laugh. It may have been a thought provoking  or at least made you think. A picture was painted in your mind and you connected with that script.
What kind of radio commercial do you think your clients want?

The Top 100 Radio Commercial Scripts do their best to marry a great concepts with the ample client awareness. Flip through this downloadable book and we promise you’ll be smiling and thinking of the ways you can incorporate your clients into these spots.

Don’t wait for your competition to buy this book.
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