Quality Audition Scripts for Radio Commercials

Radio Commercial Scripts has just released it’s TOP 100 RADIO SCRIPTS for 2010. Originally designed as a tool for creative teams at radio stations across the country, we also realize there are all kinds of actors and voice talent looking for audition scripts to produce their own demos. Even just having some high end material to practice with is a huge advantage. That’s what this package is for.

So how does it feel having some of the best writers in the country working for you?

Our team of writers have put in thousands of hours over the years fashioning some of the funniest, edgiest, thought-provoking radio scripts you’ll find today.  Every script is made better by the character given to them by great voice talent. Your take on one of our scripts may be completely different than our original plan, but what’s great is that we’re smart enough to know you may make them even better.

Having worked with all kinds of voice talent, studios, ad agencies and a few wieners along the way, has helped us hone our craft. So when you download the TOP 100 RADIO SCRIPTS book, you’ll be pleased to see commercial copy that has been worked and re-worked into some of our best material. We’re proud to make these scripts available at an affordable price so radio stations, voice talent and actors alike can bring life to our work and create quality radio commercials.

Our therapist was right… seeing how the wieners have helped us be better at out jobs is kind of cleansing. Now take a big breath. We’re the wieners who are going to help you now. It all comes full circle, doesn’t it?