Top Voice Over Scripts for Auditions and Demos

Let’s say you’re a typical voice over talent looking to either have a new demo produced or even just get started in the business. Obviously you know you need scripts, and obviously you know they better be good. Of course, you’ve scoured the internet fruitlessly for great scripts with which to make your equally great demo.

funny radio commercials | best radio commercialsEvery voice over talent knows…
Bad script = Bad Demo = Keeping Day Job

We can’t have that, now can we.

The Top 100 Radio Scripts package was written to provide radio stations with excellent, out-of-the-box scripts to service and inspire creative teams and sales reps. But hold the phone… they are perfect for voice over talent who need quality… we repeat… QUALITY… scripts that showcase your abilities.

But I’m on a budget. Can’t I have it for free?

free radio scriptsNo. If you’re getting into voice over because someone told you,

  • “Wow you’ve got a really deep voice. You should do commercials.”
  • “I like the way you sound on your answering machine. You really nailed the ‘leave a message’ line.”
  • Voice over sounds easy, and people make huge money in their pajamas.

… you may want to rethink this new career choice.

Voiceover is a Tough, Competitive Industry to Break Into.

It takes more than a computer and Garage Band. Professional voice over talents will spend $1000s of dollars on their gear and demos. The right microphone can cost $300-$2000.  If you’re really serious about getting into voice over work, a few bucks for some kick-butt, top-notch scripts is the least of the investments you’ll make.

National Voice over spotsEvery member of our team are also accomplished voice actors & our work has been broadcast nationally.

We’ve worked with all kinds of producers, directors, ad agencies, you name it. So as much as this package is geared towards making the lives of creative directors and staff writers easier, voice talent will have a huge appreciation for the calibre of script they find in these pages.

Stop wasting your time looking through mediocre audition scripts.